Saturday, January 10, 2009

Under the Sea

I was feeling inspired by the ocean today, can you tell? :)

  Armored Starfish - Copper Electroformed     Ooo Starfish ooO  

  starfish with aquamarine drop       Sea Urchin Collection- Jellyfish Earrings

  Close to Shore - Sterling Silver Starfish Ring      Sea Creature bright aqua sea glass and sterling silver necklaceSea Urchin Collection -Sterling Silver White Ring

       Murex Trappa Sea Shell - Copper Electroformed

These etsy artists have so much wonderful talent to offer, you should go check out their shops!  Each photo is linked to their shops so click away and go discover something new!


  1. One of my favorite places. Such a lovely representation of the ocean as well!

  2. Beautiful jewelry, Star of the East is one of my favorite Etsy shops.

  3. I jst discovered Star of the East and that shop is amazing! I'm glad you guys liked my finds!



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