Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet the Pets

I want to introduce everyone to my beloved pets, Snufflufugus & Buhgzee.  They are my shih tzu children whom I miss very much right now.  As a college student, I live away from home and very close to school but I could not bring my "children" with me.  They stay home with my mom and I send her "child support" to cover the costs of their food.  I do however try to go visit them every weekend and its always a very sweet reunion. 

Meet Buhgzee:

My Buhgzee Buhgzee & Chuey the fish

She is my sweetheart who is always happy to be near you.  Buhgzee got her name from her puppyhood when she used to chase little bugs on the porch.  She is 10 years old now and still as curious as ever.  The picture above shows her investigating my beta (she never quite understood what a fish was and why she could never play with it :) )She is Snuffy's daughter.  She isn't necessarily a lap dog like a lot of other shih tzus because her and her father are very close, but she is still very attached to us.

Meet Snufflufugus:

StowawaySnufflufugus III

Snufflufugus or Snuffy for short is my old man but he's really only 12 years old.  His dark beard has always made him look like a wise old man since he was a puppy.  Snuffy is a very calm and responsible dog.  Sit him in front of a litter of kittens and he will guard them and make sure they are safe.  Snuffy came into my life when I was only 10 years old so we are very close as you can imagine.  He's my buddy.  The picture above shows Snuffy asleep in my suitcase when I was trying to pack to go to college in Hawaii, it's one of my favorite memories :)




  1. they are too cute! Love the last photo

  2. They are cute! I'm sure it's hard to be away from them.

  3. AWwww! I couldn't imagine being away from my child (my little lhasa-poodle). You are a strong woman!

  4. I'm glad you guys like my pooches :) It is indeed hard being away from them so much but I like to think that it's just temporary. This year happens to be my senior year at UW so next year I'll be able to find a place that will allow me to have place because proximity to school won't matter anymore.



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