Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Etsy Love

Do you ever have those shops on your favorites list that you just admire so much?  I mean, you LOVE their shop and always find your self drooling over it?  Well, here's one of mine:

Eco-friendly Hemp Messenger Bag with Water Lily (Sage)

Uzura's shop is based here locally in the Seattle Area.  She designs lovely bags made out of eco-friendly hemp and organic cotton.  Sounds good to me... :)

Eco-friendly Hemp Messenger Bag with Songbird (Sand/Beige)

She has such lovely designs, I think I know what I might be getting myself for Christmas :)

Go check out her shop and support handmade!


  1. I hadn't seen these yet! They look really great! good Etsy find.

  2. Beautiful! I'll go check it out. I'm also a Seattle area etsier!



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