Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Far Away

So I live in Seattle.  We're surrounded on both sides by mountains: the Cascades are to the East, and the Olympics are to the west, across the Puget Sound and on the Peninsula.  I just wanted to share some of the pictures of the lovely Olympic Rainforest I visited over 3 days.  Enjoy : )

Olympic Rainforest trillium Fern Witch's Butter Oxalis Trillium Huckleberry Blossoms

Rainforest Skunk Cabbage Bog

So this rainforest is pretty cool : )  From Seattle it takes a ferry ride and 3 hours driving to get there.  Its one of the very few temperate rainforests in the world.  It can rain as much as 180 inches per year here! Much of the forest within Olympic National Park is old growth, meaning it has never been logged before.  Many of the trees here are of vast proportions with incredibly large trunks.  Not as large as Sequoia trees, of course, but still pretty cool.  Its a very beautiful and quiet place to visit.  Wildlife seems scarce, but its there.  They see you but you don't see them : )


  1. Looks like a really beautiful place to visit!

  2. Wow! Rainforest? I had no idea! I thought those were all in South America. Beautiful pictures!

  3. The pictures are ridiculously beautiful!



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