Friday, April 10, 2009

Craving Summer

We had some fantastic weather last week...Low-to-mid 70s.  It was such a joy, everyone came out of hibernation emerging in flip-flops, shorts, and tank tops.

It only lasted 3 days.

Now its back to normal drab Seattle weather.

I was not born for this climate.  This is where I belong:

That's right...that's a hammock...I should just sell everything I have and just go...*sigh*

At least the temperature is warming up, it hovers around the 50s these days. 

To cope with this seasonal depression I go through, I crave citrus fruits that remind me of sunshine and warm weather.  I even made lemon bars with grapefruit juice and they were splendid!  I wish I took a picture that way you guys could see, but that just might make you jealous :)

1 comment:

  1. Ah! It's funny how perspective is... I love Seattle and always have these dreamy, romantic memories of my times there. The weather is a charming change for me, but I'm sure it would get to me, and I'd be dreaming of the tropics, too, after a while.

    By the way - first time on your site. Your jewelrey is gorgeous!

    Warm wishes!!



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