Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back...and ready for action!

Okay so I've been gone for quite a while now.  Physically here but with a lack of an Internet connection for almost a week. 

Life without Internet sucks, to say the very least.  I felt like I was living back in the old days when there was no electricity.

But....I did manage to make some new jewelry!

PhoenixSimplicityYou Can Find Me on the BeachIcing2Cleopatra

I recently attended the gem show that visits Seattle every three months and bought lots of blue chalcedony, as you can see :)

ooh...and I worked on some new gift wrap!


I'm officially on Spring Break, but have no time (nor money) to go anywhere :(

Managed to read a little bit...

And loung at home with the perros




  1. Everything looks so good! Just the thought of being without the internet makes me twitch. Looks like you used your time wisely!

  2. Your jewelry is gorgeous!!! Yeah, how did we live without internet before?!

    Jo :)

  3. Beautiful! I love the color of the blue chalcedony. It reminds me of lemonade for some reason - refreshing ;)

  4. Very fresh designs--like 'em all! Your banner is also lovely. :)

    Found you via Etsy today!

  5. I found you from the blog love thread. I am a follower now. Two things that I feel strange without are the internet and a microwave. Your jewelry designs are beautiful.

  6. lol, I would be nowhere without my microwave!

  7. Oh! I love that gem show and ALWAYS miss it :(



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